Review - OceanWP Wordpress Theme 2020 Free Download

Review - OceanWP Wordpress Theme 2020 Free Download

The OceanWP theme has a professional look for small businesses and agencies by default. It also includes creative demos for companies and industries like fitness clubs, shoe stores, and chocolate companies. You can browse through the dozens of themes on the website to see which ones are best for you before opting for this theme

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OceanWP holds up well in our speed tests, as we’ll outline below. Not only that, but the performance of the theme remains solid when you implement the demos.

Quite a few extensions are available for OceanWP, adding to its extendability. For instance, you can add a sticky header and an Instagram feed. The Woo Popup is a nice touch and the white labeling is offered as a premium extension as well.

Pricing OceanWP has a free version for everyone to download.

The premium version is mainly a bundle of extensions, with support for additional sites and ongoing support. That starts at $39 per year and goes up to $129 per year for agencies.

Notable Features

  • You get to pick from a long list of unique and beautiful demos to design your site. Some of them include studio, outfit, and event demos.
  • It’s a fully responsive theme that actually looks good on smaller devices and performs well. Many themes claim this but don’t deliver.
  • Translation tools are built into the theme.
  • The OceanWP theme has support for WooCommerce, turning your site into an online store.
  • A few WooCommerce features that come with OceanWP include a native cart popup, a floating cart bar, and a quick view.
  • The theme plays nice with popular page builders like King Composer, Elementor, and Beaver Builder.
  • You can choose from a wide range of extensions like the popup notice, Instagram integration, and full-screen scrolling tool.

Fastest WordPress Theme Analysis Starting out, it appears that OceanWP is a tad slower than some of the others, but that still doesn’t mean you should overlook it. The main area to be concerned about is the mobile speed. But again, the speeds are actually really good, but when compared to the best, it looks a little slower.

GTMetrix Speed Test

  • PageSpeed Score: 98%
  • YSlow Score: 92%
  • Fully Loaded Time: 1.4s
  • Total Page Size: 251KB
  • Requests: 20


  • Performance Grade: 91
  • Load Time: 564ms
  • Page Size: 264.3KB
  • Requests: 20

PageSpeed Insights (Mobile-only)

  • Overall Score: 86
  • First Image or Text: 3.1s
  • Speed Index (visible population for all content): 3.8s
  • Time to Become Fully Interactive: 3.3s

Byte Check TTFB Test

  • Time To First Byte: 632ms
  • Total Time: 632ms
  • Request Size: 201b
  • Total Header Size: 423b

Test Conclusions OceanWP came out with a wonderful PageSpeed score, but the YSlow and Pingdom scores are a little lower than the competition in this article. However, scores of 92 and 91 are still better than the vast majority of themes on the market, making it one of the fastest WordPress theme options.

The TTFB test is respectable, but we’ll see further down that other themes are cutting this time in half. The score holding back OceanWP from being a top contender is the PageSpeed Insights Test.

So, you may see slightly slower loading times on a mobile device. Hopefully, that improves in the future to make it a top-notch theme for speed on all devices.

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